Buffalo Trees (BT) is an open forum to recognize and proliferate ideas or inspirations that may seem implausible or counter intuitive. We see inherent value in the spontaneous brainstorm or inspiration as examples of pure (unfiltered) creative energy. While an idea may not initially make logical sense or be readily implemented, that same idea may yet trigger another, next or more, etc. Our ideas have been referenced in professional situations and we enjoy fostering these dialogues as much as the ideas that result from them.

BT has no hierarchy or formal structure. As an open collaborative, we focus on deriving our ideas without ownership or ego. We see no “eye” (I) in Buffalo Trees.

Origin Story

Buffalo Trees originated at a Christmas gathering of parents with their adult children (and partners) in the late 20th Century. During opening of presents, a family member who was neither “Giver” nor “Receiver” incessantly attempted to guess the nature of a gift, before the wrapping had been removed. Just as the gift was being revealed, this person blurted out “it’s…a gift…from…BUFFALO TREES!”

All who heard this exclamation were both stunned and amused by the non-sense, because at the time of the reveal (& exclamation), the gift box was clearly marked “Banana Republic”, the clothing store. Over time, the “Buffalo Trees” non sequitur became a punchline and family legend.

Addendum: Many years later, a family grandchild who had heard the strange story played the next joke by decorating a new box as a harmless holiday prank. Shown below, this rekindled the “Shake My Head Silly” of the Buffalo Trees phrase.

We still do not know where it came from or what it means. Just that we celebrate whimsical silly and wherever it leads us.